What is S.C.A.D.A. ?

//What is S.C.A.D.A. ?

What is S.C.A.D.A. ?




S.C.A.D.A stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.  If you didn’t know what the acronym stood for you probably already know what it is.  Every time we look at or access a screen which collects and processes data from various sources we have been in contact with S.C.A.D.A. but, there is S.C.A.D.A. and there is S.C.A.D.A.  S.C.A.D.A. doesn’t just provide information.  It performs important functions from general operations to specific tasks.  Today, the push is in the direction of interweaving information, increasing functions and housing/utilizing a companies data.

Take for example,  Rajant Technologies with its self-healing Kinetic Mesh.  Thanks to their Kinetic Mesh, data can come from multiple – in the field – vehicles, enter a S.C.A.D.A. system automatically and be engaged in real time operations.

In the medical field the race is on to provide the latest in S.C.A.D.A. operations. The small but impressive Versus Technology is just one of several newer S.C.A.D.A. technology solutions offering significant improvements in patient service times and safety. The same is true in many fields.

The international S.C.A.D.A. provider ComAp has an adaptable platform as does B-Scada.

H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface) is on the forefront of the S.C.A.D.A. industry. The more S.C.A.D.A. pushes the boundaries of information acquisition and use the more H.M.I. will need to be innovative, flexible, operation adaptive and even field durable.


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** Visibility, Disclosure and Investor Statement: To my knowledge Rajant Technologies is privately owned. The author holds shares in Versus Technology, not in the other companies mentioned but may choose to in the future.


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